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Free Essay: Iwo Jima "Victory was never in doubt. In the film Letters from Iwo Jima it portrays the battle between the United States of America and Japan in.
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Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)

Saigo longs to see the baby daughter born after his departure. Later, Nishi reads a letter found on a dead American soldier, from his mother, telling him about a dog that dug a hole under a fence and ran off and other everyday events. Ninomiya as Saigo is especially appealing.

The performer, a pop music star and television and stage performer in Japan, has a deeply human face. His Saigo is one of those individuals who will never boss others around, although he experiences a good deal of it himself.

The war is so cruel that it leaves nothing behind, and the scars of war can never fade. One must give Eastwood a good deal of credit for making Letters from Iwo Jima. American filmmaking has come some distance at least since Saving Private Ryan in Nevertheless, it took a certain amount of courage.

Life is not like that and war is not like that.

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The director explains that research brought the Japanese soldiers to life. They were sent there and told not to plan on coming back.

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This is something you could not tell an American with a straight face. This is a mentality that is very hard for me personally to understand.

Reflections on Letters from Iwo Jima

But to try to understand that, I read as much about them and what it was like for them as I could. When you see what was done there, the reality of it, you will never wish to send your sons or sweethearts to war. Everybody around the world was yearning for a peaceful state. I just hope we all have many peaceful states in our lifetime A film often goes on too long, as this one does, because the filmmaker is not certain of his or her theme. Eastwood cannot jump out of his skin. This relentless individualism took a rancid form in Million Dollar Baby , which argued that as long as he pulled a long face after the fact, the Eastwood character was permitted to commit any number of crimes.

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The absence of the Eastwood persona, which no doubt carries with it a certain amount of ideological and quasi-mythic baggage, may help in Letters from Iwo Jima. Here is something more lifelike and genuinely tragic for a change.

The Film Letters From Iwo Jima

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